19 September 2011

face liftoff!

Welcome to the new and improved internet  home of LOHOdesignco. It's been a long time since I've faithfully attended to this little blog, and I'll not waste your time with excuses, 'cause... you're not the boss of me. But on this day, the 19th of September 2011, I, Lauren Elise Horton, do so resolve to be a better personal blogger and part time internet junkie.

A few life changes in my absence:

  1. I graduated from LSU. This, ladies and gentlemen, has proven to be not nearly as wonderful as anticipated. I now do things like paying rent, making my own doctor's appointments, and possessing more personal responsibility than any 22 year old should ever be allowed.
  2. I started my first job. I use the term "job" here loosely. What's paying the bills these days? A sweet baby boy named Anson. I'm a nanny. It rocks. It keeps me humble. Read about my adventures with baby A at http://handsomeanson.blogspot.com
  3. My best friend is ENGAGED to my number one bro! And they're getting married in March. For those of you who aren't the best at math, that's less than six months from now. What makes that even more complicated is that my girl moved to India a few weeks ago. Huh? Read about all the cool things the Lord is doing in and through her life at http://alexkicker.wordpress.com
A few of my favorite things right now:


peace out girl scout!

xo, loho

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